This is the 2nd anniversary meet for Coffee N Cars and the 3rd year we have met at the Breakfast Lay-by,  we had a great turnout and its always great to see the support we get on a damp Sunday morning in November,  I cannot thank the members enough for coming out and saying hi,

to think on the 1st meet we had 2 cars and 3 people show up,  the 2nd year we had a huge showing and this year even better,  it was great to see some of the newer members come out as well as the long standing members its all of you that make this club what it is today, and i am grateful you enjoy it.

From Martin and the Bird, to Lucas in the dirty Challenger, Jay and Cookie Monster, and even Dex came out with the day van that has more bullet holes in than a route 66 sign, Chris came out int he Camaro and we had the Dave and the VXR8 and many more.


The 1st meet we had 2 cars show up, Shane
Jane and myself in the S10
The 2nd meet we had a huge showing up of members
filling the layby with some great cars
2018 was good for the club

Moving on to 2019 we had a great showing of
cars and support with many new members.

The Food Wagon supplied Warm drinks and breakfast for the masses


Martins mighty K5 is easy to work on the motor, simply climb in

Fido was out in his rusty glory
Martin’s Pickup always turns heads
The lift kit on this K5 is insanely high
The K5 just towers over all
A great showing of cars for the gorup
ANother angle showing the diversity of the groups rides
The Bird looks fantastic
The BMW Tourer slammed looks sweet
Gonzo even came out, smelling of fuel tho 🙁
Steve came out in the daily as the Chevelles brakes gave up
Lucas and Jasmin came along in dirty style as normal,  no car wash today
Dex came out in the bullet holed Day van
Chris and Steve in conflab
The Cookie monster driven by Jay, wagon Cupra FR
And The Cockane Famm Fab rolls up in the Roush Supercharged Beast Stang
The Jones Stang with those shiny Rimz
One of the Russells Twinning Camaros came out too
The K5 just drew in the members for a stare
So Car of the Day was Martins K5
The K5 took home the Trophy, a huge task Martin had putting it back together
The K5 got lots of Attention sunday, so he won.. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner