Our 1st annual show was in July and it was a long time building up to it, so much planning and i would like to thank all who attended and those who helped from the club at the event, a big learning curve fro us all, from manning the gate, to keeping things flowing,

Sponsors of the event we’re Mark Sutton from JB Tool Hire, Ward Recycling and MFN without their help things would
of not gone as well, so a big big thank you to them,





Now we paid the bills, lets move onto the show

We had 4 bands play over the weekend, on Friday nite we had The Crag Rats play for us and then the legendary Fockers featuring Ex Members of ShawaddyWaddy,

Saturday we have Unforgiven play in the afternoon followed by trophy awards at 2 pm,

The evenings entertainment was supplied by Smokin Gun, and their flamboyant mix of slap n tickle rock show,  love em or leave them the reviews were good a few disaproved of the bad language but a few F bombs nvr hurt,

Trophy Winners Saturday are below,

Notts Blood Bikes came along for the weekend and Air Ambulance along with Aid 2 Gambia, its good we get some charitys to come along so we can do our bit for them,

Here are some photos of the weekend and how it went down, please feel free to copy photos or share so we can make this event bigger and better next year,

Dates are booked for July 17th to 19th 2020​