On a chilly but warmish December morning we had a huge turnout for our Breakfast meet, with a showing of up to 30 cars in attendance it made me smile to see the support the group has, As always we get our discount for breakfasts for all members, all you can drink Coffee N Tea, the breakfast they serve up here is 2nd to none,  and always good! I would like to thank Adam for supporting the club with this,  a big thank you to all members for coming out and being social, without you there is none of this, see you at the next meet sometime in Jan 2019



The Hurleys in their stunning Firebird with their Xmas decorations sparkling to Martin and his Huge Suburban wrapped up in Xmas Tinsel and the Wreath,

In attendance was David Shaw and his VXR8 and Van Tran in his Hugger Orange Camaro

Darryl and Family and Jane and Paul in their Astro Vans

We also had Dex in his Flamed out Wagon and Roger in his OG VW Bus, with the story about after taking 5 layers of paint of with Nitromours he found the original paint and to this day looks amazing

Ian and Debs showed up in the wonderful original Patina Ford Pickup

We had an original Trabant show up, 1st time i have seen one up close, 600cc 2 stroke motor amazing lil toy, and the Hippeys came along in their lil Geo..

We had Rich and Family show up in his mega Bright Green Dodge Charger that just sets the mood, and a former Trophy winner here..

We had a few new folk turn up in a V8 Lexus and a Benz that came round the roundabout sideways 🙂

Next to grace us with their presence was the one n only Keith and Fido along with Russ N Judy and their VW Buggy

We had the 1st show-up of the Chevy Pickup 1500 and Cresta and Chris and his Infamous Camaro Rag Top and Lucas who left Lincoln at 6am to make it to the meet, kudos to him n Madge

Edward Gregory finally showed up with his G20 Van i think 1st meet for 10 year for the van, finally on the road again after sitting in his barn, Along with the biggest Ford Motorhome you will see this side of Xmas, and Dave with Night Rider in his Pontiac Firebird..

Car of the day went to the stunning DMC Delorean Motor Company aka back to the future car, owned by Andrew, stunning car and we had to wrestle Lucas out of it as he was like a kid in a candy store.

Last but not least was Me El Queso Grande in my 1970 C10 Suburban,

A big thank you to Bob for some stunning photos and Ada for playing with her new Fuji Camera..

A few randoms of the group 🙂