We had our monthly meeting at Holly Tree Farm Inns this march,  a great turnout and the sun was out for us too,

Its great to see the variety of cars showing up to these meets,

Please remember to be polite and respect the neighbourhood and venue, this isn’t a modified car event,  we cannot be racing around and tearing up the venue,  you have all been wonderful so far 🙂 

with over 70 people in attendance the chats were great, its wonderful to see what i call gear-heads and car enthusiasts all enjoying the one thing we all have in common,


Hottest car of the day went to Scott n Mel & Olivia
The Car of the Day Nova SS

Stubbs Racing Engines sponsors the Group

Mac Tools Derby Sponsors C N C
Amazing Mini

A Beaut

The Firebird, a beaut of a car

Huge Burb owned by Martin so high..

Yum Cars Stang

The Astronomical

Chevy Camaro

The Club House

Chevy Powered Bike A Damm Hurse Showed up how cool Dead body too

Stang with 3 on the floor
S10 Pickup

Richard and Janet Early in there superbeast
Elco with a big block


Flubber supercharged Mini GMC



Chevy Wagon


The Bird

The Lacc


Abarth Essesse

Buick Bowtail


Chevy Day Van










Custom Painted Scorps on an Abarth
Cortina Estate



Allegro the stance on this is amazing.


Chevy Truck i love the sirens on this..

The Crowd

BelAir Wagon owned by Liam, new member, great guy, a hot rodder.

Cortina Estate this was amazing a 7 year resto project,

Robs GMC

EType owned by the one and only dashing Mr Wilson


S10 Pickup

Camaro as always Lucas in good ole dirty fashion

Allegro widebody

Astro Van and Jaggers Ford FarmTruck

Aston Martin Vantage, a great sounding car.


Aston Martin Vantage
In Deep conversation
The Crowds
Breakfast was a treat